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Construction Services Testimonials

"My wife Jan and I hired Southern paradise construction to built us a pond in Ridgeville Sc. We met with Alex and Dina and discussed our desires and now a year later we have a great pond (actually two) one a filter pond with a bridge, fountain, water fall and a small island. We enjoyed working with Dina and Alex to get our paradise Oasis completed. We are happy with the results and look forward to adding to our project and enjoying our Oasis for years to come."

Bill in Ridgeville, SC

"I am very happy with the pond and enjoyed working with Alex. It was very clear that it was money well spent to get someone that knows what they are doing.
A beautiful pond foundation was made that blends perfectly into the landscape. I look forward to having it full of water and adding this feature to our property."

Mark in York, SC

"In 2014, my wife and I took bids from several road builders to construct an unpaved road through an area of raw land that climbed a hill on our ranch. We selected Alex Holland with Southern Paradise Construction to do the job. We are convinced that the quality of the result was superior. While none of the other bidders suggested it, Alex believed that we should construct a new winding road up the hill rather than on an existing horse path, which ran straight up the hill, to minimize the risk of erosion from rains. The road Alex constructed has proven durable: We have withstood several gully-washers without significant erosion. The path of the road is far more scenic than would have been in the old path, and since this road leads to our new house construction, we are thrilled with its location. But for Alex, we would not have chosen that path."

Ranch Owner in Parker County, Texas

"We appreciate Southern Paradise Construction! Our sea-wall repair is holding up great. We will not hesitate to call Southern Paradise any time we need more work done."

Donnie C. on Lake Marion, Summerton, South Carolina

"Southern Paradise was contracted to do a reclamation project on a duck pond on my property. I meet with Alec and explained what I was trying to accomplish. He explained things in layman terms that I could understand. The project was very successful and he did really more than I expected. Their company is very professional and prompt. They did a great job for me. Thanks again!!"

Greg H., Williston, SC

"Dealing with Alex and Southern Paradise Construction was a pleasure. His work was done in a timely manner and he was very professional to work with."

Robert C., Williston, SC

*Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns at (803) 767-4048.