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Comprehensive Pond & Lake Construction Services

At Southern Paradise Construction, we're no ordinary lake and pond construction company. We've been building our reputation for nearly 30 years, and that means we offer you not only our extensive expertise, but also our decades of experience. We've helped numerous clients in Aiken, South Carolina, as well as all over the state of South Carolina with all manner of dirt and water construction, and there's nothing we can't do to help you too.

Construction Service Details

Our services are extensive and detailed. We can offer pond and lake construction in your local community or your property, and we do so in a professional manner. We take time to understand the laws and regulations and to ensure we meet all your requirements. We can offer dam repair services to keep natural areas safe after conducting a thorough analysis. We can remove sediments such as silt, or restore springheads. We can refurbish spillways with slip lining and siphon lines, which includes the construction of new pipes. We can clear land of stumps and debris, or roads with steep terrains and crowning or draining. We can even work on bridges that span up to 90 feet. Our construction work spans all manner of properties, but we have detailed and extensive knowledge of each service we provide.

The truth is that we're a business that cares about its customers. We understand the weight of the investment into both commercial and residential properties, and we know why it is so important for the beautification, functionality, and sustainability of these properties. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We haven't succeeded in our business until we've achieved your goals. Specifically, we focus on these areas of construction, and we would be more than happy to discuss your project to see how we can best serve you:

Recreational Pond Construction
• Pond without On-Site Water Source (Dry Pond)
• Filtration Systems & Water Features

Pond & Lake Construction
• Knowledge of Permitting & Regulation
• Start to Finish Construction including Site Evaluations & Soil Analysis

Dam Repair & Restoration
• Compactable Breach Repair
• Breach Analysis: Trees, Vermin, Inadequate Slopes & Cores
• Toe Drains

Sediment Removal
• Silt Removal
• Spring Head Restoration

Pressure Grouting & Lining
• Identifying Leaks, Drilling to the Source, & Correcting with Impermeable Material
• Poly-Lining & Clay Lining

Spillway Refurbishment
• Slip-Lining
• Siphon Lines
• New Pipe Construction: All Materials

Bridge Construction
• Bridges Constructed up to 90-Foot Span
• Concrete, Steel, Wood, or Combinations

Land Clearing
• Residential Thin
• Clear Cut
• Stump & Debris Removal, Disposal, Chipping
• Root-a-Vator

• Steep Terrains
• Wet Areas
• Crowning & Draining
• Road Base

*Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have at (803) 767-4048.